Images of Anxiety


“Images of Anxiety” was inspired by years of scholarly research, creative work, and, most of all, interactions with individuals and groups suffering from anxiety.

The site is humanitarian and scholarly in nature, situated at the crossroads of creative and artistic practice, visual communication, and psychoanalytic theory.

Creativity (in the broadest possible sense) is a requisite of well-being, just as creating and sharing in others’ creativity are meaningful and fulfilling experiences, particularly with respect to anxiety, which can be profoundly isolating and mortifying.

Allcontributions are welcome: from photographs to paintings to sketches on napkins.

At “Images of Anxiety,” works are not judged, criticized, included, or excluded based on aesthetic criteria.

“Images of Anxiety” is, instead, an open space to communicate, via visual images, with others who experience or who are interested in the experience of anxiety.

Any original, uploadable visual image is welcome, be it a drawing, a work of digital art, a photograph of a sculpture or design element, et cetera. (Please do not upload a third-party image which you do not have the right to share, post, or distribute. This could violate the copyright and other rights accruing to the creator of that image.)

“Images of Anxiety” contributors (licensors) agree to publish and share their work in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution (4.0) International Public License, whose terms may be read, in full, here. An abbreviated, summary version (which is not a substitute for the license) is also available here.

“Images of Anxiety” is nota clearinghouse for the commercial sale of individual works of art, although contributors may, of course, showcase, link to, publicize, share, and reference their work here in accordance with the site’s “Terms and Conditions”.