Book Series in Psychoanalytic Political Theory: Call for Proposals and Manuscripts

Routledge’s new Psychoanalytic Political Theory book series will publish the highest quality scholarship at the intersection of psychoanalysis and political theory. We are particularly interested in works that advance both political and psychoanalytic theory, while remaining accessible to scholarly audiences of diverse backgrounds.

The series welcomes contributions from all areas of political theory (ancient/classical, contemporary, critical theory, feminist, non-Western, etc.) and all schools of psychoanalytic thought (Freudian, object relations, self psychology, Lacanian, culturalist, etc.).

The series will publish scholarly monographs, edited volumes, and texts designed for advanced university courses.

For consideration, please email either a completed manuscript or a proposal with a detailed description and chapter outline to Series Editors, Matthew H. Bowker ( and David W. McIvor (

For more information, see:

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